And One was started by Eric Anderson as a business consulting company for directly supporting customers who are engaging in new stages of enterprise in changing markets, and as a means of exploring and enabling brand new ventures.  Eric spent more than two decades leading and managing technology-oriented businesses.  He collaborates, partners and makes connections to support established customers and build capabilities, strategy and early stage funding for small companies.

Eric has worked in big and small companies and did a short stint at JPL.  At Moog he helped lead the space business and collaborated with worldwide colleagues on business strategy, technology and innovation across multiple markets.  He was part of the leadership team at the nationally-recognized small company CSA Engineering, including several years as President, and was the point person for the integration of CSA into Moog.

Eric has particular expertise in understanding and driving businesses and business decisions where software encounters the physical world.  This includes products and services connected to sensing and monitoring, actuation and control systems, mechatronics, robotics and what’s come to be called the Internet of Things.

Much of Eric’s experience is in the aerospace business interacting with companies of all sizes, US Government organizations, universities and international organizations on civil, commercial, tech demo, production and new missions.  He’s comfortable in all these domains and in unconventional crossovers between them.  He has also won and executed business with dozens of well-known technology companies and startups based in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

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